Sunday, December 30, 2007

Can someone please tell me why we do this???

So, Jim now has just a few days left of his vacation and we really had no big plans for these last few days. Sounds great right? Smart people would just hang out and chill doing lots of relaxing. Not us! If we don't have something on the calender we somehow manage to CREATE an insane amount of work for ourselves!!! We decided that we would completely redecorate Kyle and Judes room AND Johnny and Lukes room and decided at the last minute to throw a New Years Eve party (this we are actually really looking forward to!). So yesterday we worked almost non-stop on the rooms and running to stores for things we needed for the rooms and for the party.

Today promises to be more of the same. Not only did we decide to redecorate the rooms but we have created way over the top projects. We are about half way done and so I'm at the "Why do we do things like this?" point. We were up until 1AM this morning working and plan to spend the rest of the day trying to finish up. Things are actually coming together really nicely as (you know me) I'm finding great deals and yet we are making major changes. I'll post them when we are done. Until then if you don't hear much from me I'm working like crazy to finish these rooms, preparing for a party, partying (bring that part on!!!!), and then starting off the 1st day of 2008 collapsed somewhere. Because.... That's how we roll my friends! ;)


Beka said...

You love to get things done and since your kids are not home yet, you are getting all prepared for their arrival. How is that for an explanation? :-)
Seriously, I will miss being at your party tomorrow evening!
Love ya,

Ericka said...

You sound so much like us, it's scary!!!! We try to pack a year's worth of fixing, putting together, rearranging, etc all into the time Mike takes off.
Hope you have an AWESOME party!!!!

Alexandria said...

YOUR parties are some of the best parties I've ever been to my dear friend. I miss them so much!!