Saturday, December 15, 2007

Back in the snapping business!

Dad must be driving! (Kyle and Luke)
Johnny with a Santa Mickey I'm pretty sure I've never seen before (even now I'm wondering where it came from).

These pictures were taken tonight with our NEW CAMERA on the way home from the store. I've shared with you recently that our camera just totally croaked on us. We knew that we would totally want one to capture our moments picking up our kids from Haiti and decided we may as get one now rather then waiting. We were so excited about the new camera that I put it all together and took these pictures of the happenings in our backseat before we even got home.

Today was a productive but EXHAUSTING day. Jim got home after midnight last night. We are so glad he's back! From 10AM- Noon we met up with a group from the new church we are attending. They are really big on showering our community with acts of kindness and showing God's love in really tangible ways. Today we helped pass out free gift bags to unsuspecting holiday shoppers in parking lots. Many people had a big smile and thanks, some took the bags but gave us the "what's the catch" look, a few others refused it completely wondering what nuts were trying to give them something for FREE. Along with the bag we gave out cards that simply wished the receiver a Merry Christmas and reminding them that God loves them.

Afterwards, because we are some of the most well practised procrastinators, we crammed in almost all of our Christmas shopping and grocery shopping in one day. We didn't get home until late and had been going almost all day. We are all beat, but we are done with our shopping... a day well done!

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