Monday, December 10, 2007

New Pictures of our waiting children!

It's so good to receive pictures of both Stephanie and Jude playing games (Jude's playing picture below). You must have a love of games to survive in this family. We are quick to admit it's one area in our lives that we are fanatics and have been known to host and/or attend game nights that go on until 5AM the following day. BTW-- Isn't Stephanie stunning?

This is the only kind of hug you get from Stephanie-- Whole hearted hugs. She is so kind and loving and everyone who meets her lets me know what a sweetheart she was to them.

Here is the recipient of this big hug: James. He traveled with his Sister In-Law and my friend, Bryn, to help get her settled in to live with the kids of HFC and NLL. If you remember from the previous blog we were just hanging out with them at Disneyland a few weeks ago. James is such a kind man and his wife, Mandy, is just as wonderful! They are adopting Job and Bernadin from HFC and Afterly from NLL so their kids in Haiti are friends of our kids in Haiti and their kids in the US have become friends with our kids in the US which means we MUST see each other as often as possible. ;) We have so much fun with their family!

What's this? Could it be SHY Stephanie? No way... not possible. She must have something in her eyes. I've never met a more bubbly and outgoing person!

James surrounded by some of the girls. Stephanie is right next to him and is clearly laughing at something. I wish I could be the one standing next to her. Maybe I could photoshop James out and insert my own picture. Anyone know how to do this? Just kidding... Thank you so much James for loving on our kids!

Bryn settling in at HFC. Please continue to pray for her adjustment as her life has been totally turned upside down but she is likely at the beginning of what will be one of the most exciting and life changing journeys of her life! I love this picture of our little Stephanie standing close by. My friend in another country with my little girl... How cool is that?

More games

There it is... The CLASSIC Jude smile (He's the one in the bright blue shirt at the bottom of the picture). It' something I've never seen him without and it's so totally beautiful. I'm convinced he is the smiliest most upbeat kid in the whole world! The only time I saw him not smile is when he finds out it's time for us to say goodbye. It totally breaks my heart to see the non-stop smiler in tears. What a great kid and we get the honor of calling him our son... WOW!

Here is my proof that Jude is never without a smile. He's taking a blow to the head and still grinning. Haha... I just love our son!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jude with a goofy face that includes the Jude smile.

Okay.. perhaps I've gone a bit too far when I start posting pictures of the back of our kids heads but look... He's playing a game! This is very important. ;) Also I pointed it out to Jim that Jude was playing and this is the back of his head (the one in the grey shirt). Jim asked me how I could tell it was Jude and I responded in a very put out tone "I'm his mother, of course I know the back of my sons head!" In truth: I honestly was pretty sure it was the back of his head but had to go back to other pictures and check what shirt he was wearing to make sure. Shhhh....don't tell Jim that! You may be just seeing the back of his head but you can be sure on the other side of that head is a face with a smile of it-- I think I've provided enough proof of that!

This picture was sent to me on the same day but by a different person (Thanks so much Beki!!). I LOVE this picture of Lovenie. I've never seen her in her school uniform before. She's in her preschool class and it cracks me up that she's sleeping through it. I hope her new teacher ( will be able to keep her awake. I can't believe she's old enough to have started preschool...what happened to my baby girl? She looks so grown up... Wahhhhhhhh!

Lovenie hanging out in the hall. This picture brings up so many mixed emotions in me! She's standing and that's something we really thought she may never be able to do and her eyes are wide open... Praise God big time!!! However, she looks so skinny at just 19lbs and 3.5 years old. This picture looks to me like one of the kids you see in the commercials on TV with pleas of helping the starving children. I worry so much about her health. Her weight has not changed in a couple years and I've seen her shovel down tons of food every sitting. I believe she likely has parasites and/or worms that are taking away from her nutrition. I can't wait to get her home and pray it won't be long until I post pictures of our chubby little girl. ;)

A huge thank you to James and Mandy for getting these and many more pictures of our children! I love these wonderfully candid photo's. We did not get any pictures of Jacques but he tends to hide from the camera while his little sister Stephanie jumps in front of it! My friend Kez will be with the kids in just 5 days (please pray for the mission trip of nurses she is leading) and I know I'll get lots of pictures of Jacques from her because they have such a sweet connection. Kez--- You have Jacques's Mom's permission to do whatever measures of torture or bribery it takes to get Jacques to smile for the camera!!

Can you believe God would bless us with such amazing kids?? We could never earn or deserve such favor from the Lord!

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DotBlogger said...

So wonderful. You're lucky to have received so many photos. I was scouring Bryn's photos in hopes to see my girls, but did not. Yolanta (5) and Quetelene (3) are in NLL. We're stuck in MOI. Yay for all your pics! I've been following your blog every day for a couple of months now. Love your updates. (I'm the one who was going to go with you to Haiti but it turned out it was not the right time for both of us to go.) :)