Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Today must be my Christmas delights in delay.... The phone rang. Who could it be? Someone from the Dr.'s office that needs to sign my DMV form (remember the one that would take two minutes but somehow has taken 6 months?). She said the sweetest words "The Dr. has completed and signed your DMV forms." What? I said WHAT???? She asked me if we would like to pick it up or have them mail it to me. Could this really be happening? Do I dare get my hopes up that this really is a light at the end of the tunnel? Could it be? Really???

If she hadn't called right before their office closed we would have hopped in the car and picked it right up but since we wouldn't be able to make it there on time I'm taking a big leap of faith and asked them to put it in the mail to me.

NOW... This is one HUGE hurdle we just climbed over. Lets see if it's filled out correctly and DMV accepts it and feels that they can believe my Primary Care doctor, my Neurologist, and now my Epilepticologist that I am and have been perfectly fine to drive!! I'm thinking about asking for a notarized letter from my Mommy too just to be sure (okay, please forgive the sarcasm but it's been a very long undrivable road). ;)

SO.... Lets see where this new development leads us....shall we? Our family is off to have a fun family night together doing something we've never done with the kids before. The day just keeps getting better and better!


The Haiti Lady said...

Is Elepticologist a real word??? hehehe
Glad to hear you may get your wheels ya feel like a teenager again?
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

I think you deserve a new car (or something!) for waiting so long. Maybe the DVM's office would buy you one.... (yeah right!)