Wednesday, December 19, 2007

A Universal Adventure!

Date 4 of 10 was celebrated with great fun and fanfare at Universal Studios of Hollywood!
The first thing we did was walked through the House of Horrors. I'm usually not easily scared but admittedly screamed and screamed like a little girl! The haunted house itself was not so scary but people hiding in scary costumes and jumping out at me will make me scream every time. The really sad thing is that even when we went through it again and I KNEW where they were hiding and that they would jump out at me I would still scream and jump. It was actually quite fun and surprisingly one of our favorite attractions.
"My boy" Chucky likes to pop out of his box and startle people. Isn't he cute?

Jim was so scared in the House of Horrors that he was begging for his Mummy.

Who's laughing now? These guys are not going to be jumping out and scaring anyone!

I laughed and laughed regarding the above photo. While we were waiting for our ride on the Mummy (Which by the way was totally our favorite and we rode it 4 times) Jim thought he would be cute and reach in to a hole in the wall and act like something got him. Oldest joke in the book right? Well, turns out when you reach in it does actually shock you and Jim let out a real scream that had me and the people in line in front of us laughing so hard!
(UPDATED: Jim insists that screamed is an exaggerated word for what he did. Since he's been so good to me I'll retract my original statement, but his reaction was still hysterical!)


Just hangin' out with my buddy Evan, deep in conversation.
"Really, two of each animal? Seems like I've heard a similar story to this somewhere before."

Jim holding his "Best Husband" trophy after we got off the Jurassic Park ride where he gave me his jacket with a hood to keep dry and blocked the water for me while he got soaked. As if the Gondola ride was not enough to win him this trophy! ;)

"Hey, do you know who you remind me of?
I've posted on here before that I often hear this question and it's ALWAYS followed by Renee Zellweger!
Jim on the other hand hears the answer, Tom Hanks in his role of Forest Gump. When he first told me that I didn't see it. Then he showed me a movie cover and Tom had Jim's haircut and WOW, he really does look like him!

Renee and her Stand in.

Jim hanging out with his twin, Tom, and a few other good friends.
More to share tomorrow. We are beat and it's time to get everyone to bed.

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