Monday, December 03, 2007

Beautiful Capitola (near Santa Cruz)

Our family hanging out at one of our favorite beach side restaurants
Hanging out on the beach even if it was just a bit chilly.

Laying around the beach waiting for my favorite shopping partner to show up (my Mom)

They boys enjoying the sand.
Capitola has always been a really special place to me. Not only because it's such a cute beach town but because I have so many fun memories of going there with my parents and brother, then my friends and Jim, and this time it was perfected by being able to share it with our children!
For anyone that knows me you know I didn't last long laying around on the sand. As soon as my Mom showed up my Dad and Jim took over holding down the beach and watching the boys allowing me and Mom to spend hours looking through all the great beach boutiques. We saw some of the coolest things and have decided that once we are crazy rich we were going to go in and just clear out a few of these expensive stores (after ending world hunger and homelessness, or course). I did end up with a few fun treasures to wear on the special dates Jim and I have planned. I love my relationship with my Mom now more then ever. She's become one of my best friends as well as a mother to me and we have such good times together- Missing you already Mama. I hope my kids will grow up to love, respect, and even LIKE me the way that I do you!


Anonymous said...

Oh! I am so jealous!!! I'd love to be at the beach right now :-) Soak up some sun for me


Alexandria Henderson. said...

I really love your blog!! I could almost smell the ocean looking at your photos and by the way, your hair looks marvelous darling!!

:) Alex