Thursday, December 27, 2007

Just Skating By

The boys hanging out at the rink
Luke figuring this skating thing out with Dad's help.

Johnny was surprisingly the most enthusiastic about skating.

Is Kyle busting a move or just trying to keep his balance?

Last night we took the kids to a roller skating rink for the first time. For about the first 10 min. I was thinking "This was a big mistake!" The kids were falling, complaining, Luke was crying and begging to take the skates off... by the end of the night they didn't want to leave and were begging us for some skates of their own!!! Kids. ;) We ended up having a real blast together. Since all 3 kids were learning for the first time, Jim and I both had one of the kids at the end of our hand all night. For Jim it meant a lot of bending over so his back is a little achy today. For me (since I'm much shorter) it meant constantly holding up the kids while they struggle for balance while they pulled up and down on my right arm and shoulder- ouch, a couple hours of that can be painful. The child without a parents hand at the moment had to do the inching along the wall thing until we got back around to them. By the end of the night we finally got smart and we would take turns with the boys having them hold one of my hands and one of Jims, skating in between us so that we shared the effort of helping them balance and we could glide them fast around the rink. They loved that! We had so much fun together and already can't wait to do it again!

Jim's parents are coming this afternoon and we will have more of the traditional Christmas celebration when they get here. Good times!

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