Sunday, December 23, 2007


Okay... I know what you are thinking... with all our anniversary dates and mush that's been shared on here. While Jim really is great this is not about us. ;)

Yesterday we happened to be near the reptile store and popped in for a bit to check them out. We found an adult corn snake that we all fell for. It was so mellow and slithery and cool! We spent as much time with him as we could and we would take turns letting him coil around me, Kyle, Johnny, and Jim. Luke has decided he does NOT want a pet snake after all. The rest of us just loved this snake. I was surprised that Kyle and Johnny were so immediately into holding and playing with him. With Luke not ready for one and not knowing how the rest of our family members would feel about him we had to say our goodbyes and give him back. :( It sure was encouraging to see most of our family members really liking him. Maybe in the next couple years they will all be ready!


Anonymous said...

Wheh! I am sooooooooo with Luke! No snakes for me :-)


Alexandria said...