Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Story behind the Corteo tickets gift.

Almost 10 years ago while Jim and I were engaged he bought us tickets to go see a Cirque du Soleil show together. We were really looking forward to it. Right after he gave me this present I went on a cruise with my family and a friend. When I got back from the cruise Jim and I missed each other so much that we decided to elope and get married the very next day! This was a decision made on a Friday at lunch. We lived in San Jose so it only took about 3 hours to drive Lake Tahoe. We began to pack and get ready to leave to get married the next day when Jim remembered that the tickets were for our soon to be wedding day. Do we put off getting marrried until the following weekend or do we give them away and go have our wedding? We gave the tickets to friends who went and totally raved about the show. We headed off to get married (another great story I may share some day). I loved our wedding day! It was so beautiful, romantic, and so near perfect! I think eloping is just about the only way to go. :)

So here we are just a couple months shy of 10 years from when we got married instead of going to Cirque du Soleil. By next weekend we will wait no more and we will get to see the show. See... you can have it all, sometimes you just have to wait a decade for it to all fall in to place. :)

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Heather said...

That is an adorable story!