Friday, August 24, 2007

All we want is our family

I think for anyone that knows us... this says it all! To see the video on youtube here is the link:


Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

That was beautiful Angela. Praying you have your children home soon!

Phil & Linda said...

Very cool!


Julie@Shanan Trail said...


This is beautiful! I am praying that God will move mightily and that the paperwork soon begins to fly. Have you noticed how much faster people are making it through Parquet and 2nd Legalization now. We have been trailblazers making the road smooth for others.

God didn't ask us if we would have done this job. We would have said no... ;o)

Ken and Alex Henderson said...

Oh Angela, that was amazing. My heart breaks that the kids aren't home as well. I can't begin to imagine what you must be going through during all of this. God fill you with peace my friend. You are in my prayers.


Becky Hinchley said...

Angela - This is wonderful!!! My husband and I sat down to watch this last night...and we both had tears in our eyes! That song hit us both...because our wish is to have Stanley home by Christmas for his birthday on December 24th!!!