Tuesday, August 14, 2007

On the road again? Will I or won't I???


Some of you following my blog know that I have been without a drivers license for almost a whole year now because of my seizures. I'm just about a week away from 5 months without having a seizure.... Praise God BIG TIME!!!! My doctor has agreed that my license should be reinstated, however, he wanted me to see the Epilepticologist who oversaw my Epilepsy study stay in the hospital, and that would be the doctor who should fill out my DMV form. When I contacted that doctors office they took forever responding to me and then said that I should not see them but should see the Epilepticolgist that referred me to do the study. That doctor's office said they just saw me briefly to refer me on so they would not be the ones to sign my letter and referred me back to my original neurologist whom I only had one appointment about a year ago with.... who seems to think that the Epilepticologist's should sign my letter. Uhg! Have you caught on to my frustration here? According to my letter from DMV it seems clear to me that my Primary Care doctor should be the one to sign it. SO... last week I sent a fax to the insurance company about what was going on and asked them to get involved and establish which doctor is responsible so I can move on and make an appointment as we have already wasted a month getting the run around. So, as of now I have an appointment for Sept. 7th (Johnny's 7th birthday) to see the first Neurologist that the insurance company has said WILL sign my form. I've also talked to my Primary Care doctor's office that insists that if he does not I can walk right over to their office (same building) and my Primary Care doctor WILL sign it. So.... Lord willing... one way or another SOMEBODY may be signing my DMV form on Sept. 7th! :) We shall see. Then I will get to see what kind of hoops DMV will make me jump through as the letter says they may choose to have me retake the driving test and written test before returning my license. I'm hoping this will not be the case as I did not lose my license because of an accident or anything I did wrong and have had a perfect driving record for at least 10 years now.

Please pray for me about this if you think of it. It is a huge inconvenience to not have a license and I would sure love to be behind the wheel again before we have 6 kids (hopefully soon!) and not have to worry about getting to and from the many different doctor's appointments that will come with bringing our kids home.

Silly CA and it's grudges against people who might convulse and drive... Texas didn't mind! :)

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The Haiti Lady said...

HEHEHE....Convulsive drivers.....cracks me up!
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