Saturday, August 25, 2007

3 Strikes and we are NOT out???

No we are not out...we are in. I've recently shared with you our excitement of seeing Circque du Soleil and the story behind it. I didn't mention that the while we were dating there was a time we wanted to go to the show and it was sold out. That's why it was especially sweet that when we were engaged Jim bought me tickets for my birthday (quick review) and then we didn't go that time because we eloped instead. Then this 3rd attempt, almost 10 years later, I bought Jim tickets for his birthday. We have been so excited and looking forward to it. A whole date night planned of dinner and theater. We were talking with some friends recently about it and they asked us how many times we have gone out on a date in the 1.5 years we have lived here. Lets just say you don't have to use more then one hand to add them up.

This morning (the day of the big date) Luke woke up and started throwing up and has continued all morning, I'm just now starting to battle with an unhappy stomach, and Jim woke up with a headache. So, yes, for the 3rd attempt to see Cirque du Soleil we will not be going. Some friends of ours have been kind enough to take the tickets off our hands and we can't wait to hear about it. I'm sure they will love it and have a blast!

So..... Is it not meant to be that we ever see this show? :)


ange said...

OH GOLLY La, I am so sorry you are not able to go. I would have taken those tickets off your hands had you been closer..... oh well, I will pray for yall instead.
love you my la

The Tacheny's said...

Angela: That is truly sad!!!
Go to Vegas sometime - take vacation, go see the show there! JUST GO ... someday, anyday, make us all feel better. :) LOL

Take care,