Sunday, August 19, 2007

Jim's birthday updated

Jim's first attempt at spray paint art

My first attempt at spray paint art

Ready to go out to dinner

Johnny, Kyle, Luke, and Jim at Mimi's Cafe

Kyle taking his own picture at Mimi's (yes, they got bored)

Luke was a sweet, mellow, and angelic as always---As you can see here.

What a fantastic day we had. It was so relaxing and fun! The first half of the day was spent with Jim sleeping in really late and being woken up with breakfast in bed. Then for the next couple hours was a flood of phone calls from family wishing him a happy birthday.
Later we made our first attempts at doing spray paint art. I asked Jim if I could try one and he agreed so we had fun working on our first pictures side by side. We made them outside and jumped in the pool to cool off. Then we played a few games that Jim likes. Since it was birthday I let him go first each time but still managed to beat him pretty good from time to time. :) For dinner we headed to Mimi's Cafe to use Jim's b-day gift certificate (thanks Jim and Debbie!). We had not been to a Mimi's in years. The food and service was terrific! We didn't get home until pretty late but we had not yet sat down to watch The Tick cartoons. So we served up some cheesecake (Jim's favorite cake) and watched one episode of the Tick and just cracked up. Seriously...If you are not familiar with The Tick it is a MUST see!!! It is now 10:30 PM and Jim got a call from work and they are having a problem so he is on his way in to work to spend the rest of his special day (bummer). Working for a Chemical plant you can't exactly "deal with it tomorrow" when there is a problem so off he went.
Overall it was a really relaxing and fun family day. Me and the boys are going to stay up late and continue to watch episodes of the Tick because I just can't get enough of it!


Anonymous said...

Cool pictures! I'd say you did very well for your first time!


Angelasparent said...

I am jealous! You are both so artistic and all I can draw is flies...

Love you much,