Monday, August 27, 2007

Kyle's Crazy Movie

Once we figured out how to do the video's Kyle wanted to produce his own. This is some of his favorite pictures of good times with family and friends. We sure have a good time together. Great Job Kyle!


ange said...

Tell Kyle he did a fabulous job and his mother in law is impressed with him. Hey how are you liking Switched on Schoolhouse? This is week 2 for us and we are doing good still. We are still 'learning' the ins and outs but Sass seems to just like to be home.

Angela said...

Thanks I'll pass that on to your nephew/son in-law. :) (No one worry...we know what we are doing here, haha.)

I didn't know my neice/daughter in-law was doing the same program! We totally like it! Kyle enjoys it, is getting excellent grades, and gives me no trouble at all. I can't wait to have all the kids on it. Can you see the many computers now? :)