Thursday, August 23, 2007

August Update

Jacques, Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie (still no Vilner yet)
Hello Laughlin family,
We wish that everything is so fine for you and your family.
Here are the updates of your children for this month.
Lovenie: ( 20 lbs & 35 inches).
Jude: ( 80 lbs & 58 inches).
St├ęphanie (54 lbs & 51 inches). The kids are in perfect health.
Attached is a picture of them to behold.
God bless you always!!!!!!!

(I'm guessing the weight and height of Jude is wrong as he is smaller then Stephanie, perhaps it has been confused with Jacques?)

While we do not have pictures of Vilner because he is not yet in the orphanage, we did get some news on him this week. Kez is at HFC for a visit and saw the birth Mom of Stephanie, Jude, Lovenie, and Vilner there for a visit (and hopefully also for the birth parent interview, but this is just a guess on our part). The birth Mom was well and told Kez that Vilner is doing very well also. She had left Vilner with a neighbor to watch him so he wouldn't have to take the very long, very hot and crowded taptap ride (totally understandable). So, no new picture of him but it's wonderful just to hear that their Mom and Vilner are doing well as we have been praying for their health and safety.

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ange said...

I am glad you got your update. It is always so nice to get that!!!! A little gift from God :)
Love ya