Friday, August 31, 2007

Bad fortune cookies

Tonight Jim picked up Chinese food on the way home from work. Over dinner I shared with him some very disappointing news we heard from a friend regarding an adoption. We discussed how heartbroken we were for our dear friend and also our concerns over how tough things are for Haitian Adoptions right now. We even discussed what would happen if we can not get our kids home and agreed it would mean we would move to Haiti as we could never leave our kids there without us. (Not that this is likely to happen)

While in a glum mood from our discussion I picked up my fortune cookie and said maybe we would have good news in it. The first line of my fortune cookie said (no joke): Your luck is just not there. For the first time over dinner we laughed. Then I asked Jim to open one as maybe he would get a better one to counter act my bad one and he got the same exact fortune! Luke opened his and got the same also. So it seems that our luck is "just not there." Well, duh! :)

We are glad we don't believe in luck and believe in a God who makes all things good for those who love Him!

To our friend (you know who you are)-- We love you and your family so much and you are in our prayers. May God overwhelm you with peace and comfort as you seek His plan.


Lisa said...

They can't rightly call them "fortune" cookies, then, can they? :)

funspirit said...

Hi Angela. I just found your blog and just wanted to tell you - keep up the great work. I'm so happy you all are able to share your lives and home with children who need it so badly. They are very lucky to have you.

As for the fortune cookie - that was just God giving you a laugh. Sounds like you guys have a good sense of humor.

I just recently began blogging myself. I wanted to add more fun and joy to the world and that's what my blog is all about. Stop by and check it out.