Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Little bits of good news... has been deemed not spam and is available again!

Also, a bit bigger news. I've been sharing each month as I reach yet another month of being seizure free. It just occurred to me that I hit the 5 month mark on the 19th but was so busy I didn't realize it or announce it. So now I get to say: 5 MONTHS SEIZURE FREE AND LOVING IT!!!!

Thank you so much to everyone praying for me. I thank God for this gift because I know that it is from Him that all good things come and this is definitely a good thing!


Angelasparent said...

Congratulations, honey. You will be back behind the wheel before you know it.

Love you,

Angela said...

Thanks Dad!

Scary thought, huh? :)

ange said...

do you think you will get your license? I felt so safe the last 5 months, oh wait, you are still in California aren't you!?!?!? hehehehe I am praying that you get back in the drivers seat soon ;)
love you