Thursday, October 02, 2008

Generations of fun and Love

This afternoon a very excited Stephanie and Jude were safely delivered to an equally excited set of Grandparents! They will be visiting our family in Northern CA for a little over a week and spend time getting to know their grandparents, great grandparents, uncle, aunt, and cousins.

Yesterday I drove them to my Great Aunt's house. There they got to meet their Great Grandparents for the first time. That was not the only firsts though:

Cowboy Jude fearlessly climbs onto the back of a horse.
It takes Stephanie no time at all to inform us that she would like to go fast! ;)

As if that was not enough excitement for one day:
The 4 wheelers were brought out and the kids were told to find somewhere to sit and hold on!

Lovenie starts off with something a little slower pace

And then totally surprises me by saying she wants the big machine.
Go Lovenie Go!

Lovenie had more surprises in store for us when she shed her shy cling to Mommy position and decided to love all over her new family members. Here she is snuggling with and even kissing her Great Grandma:

She shares her attention with her Great Aunt too. My Great Aunt has fostered and adopted many children over the years. She has such a sweet heart for kids and Lovenie catches on to that quickly:

She even cuddles up on the lap of her Great Grandpa (who is high on my list of all time favorite people!)

What a great time! I may not have seen their first steps, I don't know their first words, and countless other firsts but I get to experience new and exciting firsts with them everyday!

Our family support with our children has been a totally sweet experience. The enthusiasm and love they shower them with is just a really beautiful thing. These precious children will never suffer from not having enough love or attention, that's for sure! ;)


Ericka said...

That is incredibly sweet. Those pictures are priceless :)

Anonymous said... you'll need to buy a horse. So happy they got to experience horseback riding :-) I did not see any photos of you on the horse, tho. Did someone forget to take pictures while you were riding? (smile)

Lovenie looks great in these photos! Do you think she's gaining ground (that she lost when she had her stroke)? She seems (looks) normal now.


Amanda said...

Sweet!!!! Love the generation pictures :~)

Laurel said...

What a blessing to have such an amazing family. Our children have been home from Ghana for over 6 months, and the extended family hasn't even been interested in meeting them. (The grandparents don't even have a relationship with our bio. children, so this was expected. But, it's still sad.)