Thursday, October 30, 2008

10 Digits

Jude has joined the world of ten digits on two toes! The surgery went as well as it could yesterday. The doctor and nurses could not have been any sweeter to Jude. There were a couple of times during the surgery that poor Jude screamed and cried in pain and pleaded with the doctor to stop. I tried my best not to throw up. I am not real good at handling people (especially our children) in pain. I was glad to be there though to hold his hands (0r even hold him down when needed), talking softly to him, and translating everything the doctor asked me to.

Jude is now home resting. He was not hurting too bad yesterday but the pain has really kicked in today so I have confined him to a day with the couch and a remote. Both feet are heavily bandaged and he can walk when he absolutely must by using two post op shoes and walking on the back of his feet. He will continue to have his feet bandaged (meaning no running, jumping, bike riding...) until November 10th. Then we will return to have the bandages and stitches removed and get to check out his newly shaped feet. Thanks so much to the many of you that were praying for him yesterday!


Amanda said...

He was AWAKE???

What a BRAVE boy! ((hugs to Jude!))

Ericka said...

thankyou for the update. I had been praying and wondering. poor little guy.
I'm proud of you for not throwing up :)

ManyBlessings said...

I had the exact same thought as Amanda...HE WASN'T OUT?!?!?!? Oh my word. I think I WOULD have thrown up!