Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Nicknames for Mom and Dad

At dinner last night we were coming up with silly little nicknames for all the kids to make them laugh. I'm kind of big on calling the kids nicknames and they are almost always really goofy ones. So Stephanie and Jude decided they were going to come up with names for me and Jim. I was renamed AnJLO (which was a compliment because Stephanie had informed me that JLO was her favorite actress, singer, dancer). Then Jude nicknamed his Dad Jimgle. Then he added "You know, like Jimgle Bells." Oh how I laughed! Jude also told us that his Mom in Haiti called him Juice. I thought that was a pretty cool nickname for him until his brothers started chasing him around saying they were going to drink him. I can tell you one thing for sure~ Never is there a quiet and mellow dinner discussion in our home. Unless I have a headache, I really like this. When I was a kid my family was SO funny that I often laughed so long and hard at the dinner table that my food would be cold before I could finish it. I hope our children grow up with good memories of times around our table together too!


Anonymous said...

What a great way to deal with all that noise. It is very touching to see your new family!

Ericka said...

Can I come to dinner at your house?
Sounds Like Fun!!!!!!

Amanda said...

It does sound like fun! I bet you're REALLY looking forward to the holidays!!