Sunday, October 26, 2008

Another little spot of Paradise

It was one of those beautiful days that makes you glad you are alive to enjoy it! The weather was mid 80's and sunny. It was Saturday, my day off, and I had a plan. I first did a little bit of shopping (one store), then headed to the library to pick up a book they had special ordered for me. It's called The Oath by Frank Peretti. Anyone read it? I've heard good things.

After those errands were completed I headed off to find another little spot of So. Cal. paradise. On Friday night I had come up with many plans for my outing but dismissed them all for one reason or another. One idea was to head off to Universal Studios but it's quite a drive. Then I thought of the beach but didn't want to deal with parking. So... off I headed to the Temecula Wine country. It's nearly as beautiful as Napa and only 20 minutes away. I started out at the fantastic restaurant pictured above. I requested a balcony seat and had all of the balcony to myself. The restaurant balcony overlooked hills of vineyards. It was just warm enough to soak up the sun, but had a breeze just cool enough to make the weather just right! I was served a delicious dish of lobster mac and cheese. It sounds like just mac and cheese with lobster thrown in but it was nothing like that. I wouldn't call it mac and cheese but it had a delicious creamy sauce. I'm sure to be craving it again soon! Afterwards I found a shaded grassy area near a water fountain and got comfortable for a couple hours with my new intense book. I came home so relaxed and ready to take on another week. Have I mentioned that I love Saturdays and I LOVE my husband who so sweetly not only watches the kids but sees to it that they all work together to surprise me with an even cleaner house when I get home? They rock!

We are headed off to church soon. This evening we have a surprise in store for our children. They are going to be so excited!

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