Monday, October 27, 2008

A Big Week Ahead

It's only Monday and I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed about the week ahead of us. Jim has just moments ago landed in Texas. How I wish I could be there too so I could whoop it up a bit with all my Texas girlfriends. I miss you guys so much!! He will return home to us late tomorrow night so it will not be a long stretch of single parenting but a stretch none-the-less. So far the kids are being very good for me and the mood in the house is positive.

Wednesday morning I will be taking Jude in for his surgeries on both feet. One minute I'm so very excited for him and the next I just want it over with and for him not to have to feel any pain. He is an impressively tough kid so I'm sure he will do great.

Friday will be the 1st ever Halloween night for Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie. We are all very excited about our first holiday together. Today we had a dress rehearsal and everyone seems pleased with their costumes. We will be headed first to a friends house were they have a Happy Halloweenie celebration. Yes, Halloweenie. I think it's quite clever. They set up a bbq grill on Halloween night in their driveway and hand out hundreds of free hot dogs, drinks, candy, and kindness to all the hungry trick or treaters. A treat for sure. It will be fun to hang out with them for a while and then we will head out for a little candy action. It just recently occurred to me that Jude will just have 2 days between his surgeries and his first trick or treating so he will be babied a bit and pushed around from door to door in a jogger. He is going to be a killer whale for Halloween. I can't help but think it very funny that a big killer whale will be pushed around in his stroller by Mom and Dad. LOL. So fierce.


Amanda said...

A Killer WHALE? Unique! Can't wait to see pictures of your crew :~)

Amanda said...

Hope Jude's doing well!