Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Homeword Bound Rioting

We are home again after a fantastic time with family. The road trip with six kids packed in the van was not at all terrible. They were pretty great! That's saying a lot considering I don't like road trips. We had a lot of laughs and great moments with our family but it is so nice to be home again too.

Lovenie rocks herself in the little rocking chair on her Great Grandma's porch
Is any road trip complete without a stop at Dennys?

The Riot~ This riot broke out in our car when they were having to say their last goodbyes to their Grandparents. They are chanting "Pa Ale Lakay" which means "Don't Go Home" They sure had a blast with my parents!

Once we pulled into the driveway (after 10 long hours on the road) Stephanie yelled out from the backseat "THANK YOU JESUS!!" and we all cracked up. Time to get back to our new normal. So far we are all sleeping in or lounging around this morning. I have a feeling it will not be an overly productive day but those days are soooooo good sometimes!


Anonymous said...

It is fun to see that your English speaking children can chant "Pa ale a kay!" too. David still says, "No! Pa vle kay nou." (No! Don't want our house." Apparently my husband's aunt and uncle's lake house is more fun then going home. Go figure!

Beverly loved the photos of her friend, "Oh! Lovely!!!"

Laurel said...

Road Trips can be amazingly FUN. I hope you'll come to like them. Two years ago we did a 5 week (27 state ... 8,000 mile) road trip with 8 of our 10 kids. Two years before that we did a 3 week (22 state, 8,000 mile) road trip with 9 of our kids, and the youngest were just 2 & 4.

We hope to travel the country this next summer, with our 3 new kids from Ghana, introducing them to America.

Keep up the road trips, even if they aren't mommy's favorite.

Laurel :)