Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Calling Home

It has now been 6 days since I said goodbye to Stephanie and Jude as they headed off to spend time with my parents. They are having such a great time together! For the first several days I was getting about a dozen calls a day from Stephanie with excited updates of each and everything they did. It was so encouraging that she would want that much contact with us. A few days of being gone and she had even instigated her very first time of saying "I love you!" and has said it a few times since then. It's funny that it seems that one of the greatest bonding tools we have had so far has been long distance phone calls. Jude is also doing great but is just not as interested in being on the phone when he could be running around. ;)

It's really strange that we have had 6 children for just over two months now but already going from 6 down to 4 is such a huge difference. It suddenly seems as if 4 children is just a piece of cake. The house is pretty quiet and we are getting a lot done (even some resting). We will be leaving on Friday for a long weekend at my parents house to see family and pick up Stephanie and Jude. It has been such a nice break for everyone and I really am hoping it will go a long ways towards helping with our bonding to have had some time apart.

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