Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Family Hazing

This is not a family just anyone can get into and it's not easy to become "One of us". It requires a bit of hazing. ;) No one can carry out this kind of family initiation like my Dad. One night Stephanie and Jude were in my parents living room when my Dad came across a scary and ugly mask. He couldn't resist and stuck it on and went into the living room yelling. Stephanie and Jude went flying out of their seats yelling and screaming. Even knowing that it was him it took them a while to stop screaming. No fears that they have been traumatized... there was a lot of laughing too! Later Dad caught Jude hiding out and putting on the mask to scare Stephanie. He didn't know Dad was there so while he was slipping on the mask my Dad grabbed him and yelled which sent Jude screaming again. They were great sports and thought the whole thing very funny. (Mask pictures hopefully to follow soon)

Having successfully completed phase one of family hazing my Dad moved on to phase two (one of my favorites!). This little "game" he is playing with Jude is one he played with me and my brother, all the grandkids, and many of our friends too~ Dad sits the child on a smooth surface and hands them a fork and butter knife. He then pours a little puddle of water between their legs. Dad is at the feet with a dish towel in hand while he explains that the object of the game is to try and stab the back of his hand before he can wipe up the spill. What kid would say no to that game. As with everything with my Dad, though, there is a twist to the game~

Jude was a GREAT sport about it and we all had a good laugh. My Dad still holds his perfect record of winning this game. It's official now~ WELCOME TO THE FAMILY!!!!


Kathy said...

That is too funny!

Amy said...


Amanda said...

Oh my goodness! That is hilarious!

And the chanting! Sounds and looks as though they had a blast!

Jude's voice is precious :~)

Laurel said...

I just found your blog.

What a FUN story! My husband will get a kick out of that one, and probably store it in his mind for when he is a grampa (with 6 young adult children, we are hoping that grandparenthood isn't too far away).

Blessings to you and yours. I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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