Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween 2008

I'm happy to report that all six kids managed to be able to go on our Halloween outing together (although one of them just BARELY made it). Once we were out we had a wonderful time together. Stephanie commented on how much she thought Jacques will love it when he comes home too (because he loves candy). He was very much missed tonight!

Ready to head out for some fun. You can see Jude's post op shoes in this picture. He was a great sport about being pushed in a stroller from house to house.

And... The camera was so loving Lovenie that I couldn't post just one:


Amanda said...

They are all VERY cute, Angela!

But I can see why the camera was LOVING Lovenie! That little get up is adorable!!!!Hee heee!

Mr Nice Guy said...

Those costumes look great! Where'd you get them? (Hmmm... no parents in the top shot - were they costumed as well?)

BTW, in Yosemite last weekend Andrew said he was missing his royal majesty.