Thursday, October 23, 2008

April Fools In October

Recently someone shared with us that on October 22nd In & Out was celebrating their 60th Anniversary and in celebration was offering burgers and fries for a fraction of the usual costs. When we drove by In & Out on our way too church we couldn't help but notice that it was a madhouse. It looked packed on the inside, long line of cars in the drive thru, and another long line of cars just waiting to get into the parking lot. We wondered what on earth was going on over there when I remembered what someone had told us. Oh, it must be the day that they have the crazy deals!

When we were headed home from church a few of the kids were saying what they seem to say at least a hundred times a day~ "I'm hungry!". Jim wakes up very early for work so I dropped him off at home to get some z's and decided to surprise the kids with a late night trip to In & Out. It was still really busy for how late it was but nowhere near the madness we had seen there earlier. I ordered meals for the kids but was charged regular price. I just thought I must have got the date wrong. It was still worth it because the kids were so excited about this unexpected treat. When it was almost time to leave Kyle found a flier posted near the registers that told that there had been a rumor started about discounts for their anniversary, but it is only a rumor. I laughed so hard. This rumor must have really done a lot of traveling because that place had been totally packed. Can you imagine the poor employees that probably got screamed at all day long after people had waited a long time to finally get their order just to learn that it was not what they thought it was going to be? I'm guessing the owners were pretty happy though. They probably had their biggest day in sales ever. It's amazing to me that someone could just start it up and it would spread the way it did. Being a big fan of April fools day and pranks I think the whole thing is quite funny and even enjoyed being "had" by it personally.


Anonymous said...

That happened here in AZ too.. I wondered who started that rumor. Their prices are really cheap as it is.. FUNNY!!

Lisa said...

Hee-hee-hee! Makes you wonder if the owners started the rumor to boost their sales for the day, doesn't it?

Amanda said...

Oh I can believe you...around here, several places have opened up a day early to "practice" and the food has actually been free. You can only imagine how fast that travels!