Tuesday, October 07, 2008

MRI Miracles

We've waited years to try and get some answers (and help) regarding what happened to Lovenie. From what we were told it was a bad stroke at around 10 months old that left her blind and severely disabled~ mentally and physically. At some point she regained her sight. At 2.5 years old we celebrated when news came to us that our little girl was walking! We thought she may never walk. Around 3.5 years old she began saying a few words and doing more physically. At 4 years old (when we brought her home) she could sing, run, dance, and more. She is nothing short of a little miracle girl!

Since the kids have been home we have had MANY doctors appointments to take them to. We are so happy to finally be able to get them this kind of care. Sometimes when we get results though I wonder what life would have continued to be like if they had remained in Haiti. Some of their conditions cause me to seriously wonder if they would have survived with these illnesses, and would have at the very least lived their lives very ill. (If anyone adopting from Haiti is interested in what illnesses we have uncovered feel free to email me, otherwise I'll keep them private for the sake of our kids). At times I'm in awe that they could have illnesses that would put most of us in the hospital or at the very least we would stay in bed, but not these children! They go about there day as if they are perfectly healthy and I realize it is because it is their normal. It makes me so sad to think that they wouldn't know what healthy feels like, and thrilled to know we are working diligently for them to find out.

OK, I sidetracked a bit.... I was talking about Lovenie.... So fast forward to now and I am so thrilled about the miraculous healing our little girl has experienced even before receiving any medical care. Her mentality is similar to having a 1-2 year old toddler, but she is progressing SO fast at home. Friday she had a scheduled MRI in hopes to find out what may have happened as a baby and even more importantly what kind of remaining damage we are looking at. The neurologist had told me we would need to sedate her because there is no way she would go into a big, loud, scary machine and be able to hold completely still for about 20 minutes. Her Pediatrician called me and suggested instead that I take her to an appointment really tired and try to get her to sleep through it. I was honest and said that I didn't think it would work but that we would try. So Thursday night (after returning home from our road trip) we stayed up late with Lovenie and I made sure to wake her up early in the morning so that she would be good and tired. She fell asleep on the way to the appointment and I felt a glimmer of hope that this might work. Once she saw a waiting room it was all over. No matter how tired she was she was not going to close her eyes and keep them closed. Between arriving very early and the staff running late I spent nearly an hour trying to get her into a sound sleep. Once we were called back she was awake and I knew it was highly unlikely that this was going to work. As soon as I laid her down at the machine she went hysterical. The tech was also saying that he thought this was going to be a waste of time but that he would try it (she was the first child they attempted to do because all others go to another location for sedation). I got Lovenie's attention and told her that I know she was very scared but I need her to lay very still and don't move. They allowed me to stay with her during the testing and as she slid through the machine I was there to look her in the eyes and rub her little feet. Poor thing was so scared and cried the whole time but guess what? She didn't move a bit! The testing was completed and now we just wait for the results! I was thrilled, the tech couldn't believe she did it, and I just kept praising God because I knew it would have been impossible without Him (I was praying non-stop the whole time).

That little Lovenie is just such a hero in my eyes. Not just because she could do something like this but because of how she lives each day. From the moment she wakes up she smiles and spends most of the rest of the day singing and dancing and laughing at EVERYTHING. Can you imagine if our world was filled with a bunch of little Lovenies how much better a place it would be? I want to be just like her when I grow up!


Kathy said...

Wow. I had a hard time with an MRI and I knew what was going on!

Rebekah Hubley said...

I would be interested in what you found out with your kiddos' health. Jonas suffered something similar to Lovenie, but we will never know because he was with his birth mom until 15months. He has Cortical Visual Impairment, along with mild left hemi Cerebral Palsy. With our MRI, it showed that there had been damage done to both occipital lobes--which function vision--and that he had partial dysgenesis of the posterior corpus collosum. Meaning that part of the back of his brain does not have the "cross overs". His vision has improved since being home, and so has his mobility. Lovenie is giving me great hope for Jonas. They think he either had a stroke in-utero, or birth trauma???

thanks for your posts!

Amanda said...

I'm interested in knowing, not to worry and fret over, but to be prepared in every way.

So glad things went well with Lovenie, and praise GOD for the healing she's experienced so far!

Sounds like Jude and Stephanie are having a ball!

One Crowded House said...

Angela- I too would appreciate hearing what you have learned health wise about your Haitian kiddos- our son has something that was not on his referral and will affect him long term. Maybe we can compare notes..... thanks so much, Tanya

Ericka said...

She is truly a miracle baby.
I can't get my four year to sit sit for 20 seconds!!!!!!
Good girl Louvenie!!!
Praying you get some answers and peace :)

stephanie garcia said...

I would be interested in knowing more about the illnesses as well as how you learned about them - just wondering if we need to go farther than just a pediatrician's visit when our boys get home??


Trina said...

I would also be interested in what tests were done and what you found out about their health. We are about to bring home two girls, one of which is suffering from large delays.