Friday, October 31, 2008

Did Somebody Say Treat???

Our kids do not know it yet but when I call them together for school this morning they will be receiving their first treats of the day. The first treat will be a piece of paper that says "You do not have to do your chores today", 2nd treat will say "You will get your allowance TODAY!" (which is special because it will be a day early and before we head to a few stores), and the final paper treat will say "NO SCHOOL TODAY". I am expecting some hooting and hollering.

I have been really looking forward to our first holiday together but I am having some concerns this morning. A couple of the kids that would be celebrating their first Halloween with us today got themselves in some pretty big trouble last night. This morning I was ready to put that behind us and start a new and special day but I got some pretty narly attitude from the first one I encountered. The other one that is in trouble is hiding out in their room and has not come out yet. They are teetering dangerously close to spending their first Halloween at home while the other kids go out and have fun. I find that really sad. I do hope the day will turn around. We will see!

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Angela, Hope it all turned around today!
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