Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Little Snip on the Apron Strings

Today our oldest 4 children got an opportunity to have another first. The first time I sent them off to the park WITHOUT A GROWN UP! Considering their ages are now 13, 2 that are almost 10, and 8 I think they are ready to have little freedoms. I may have even done it sooner but have had some concerns with a couple of the kids not being real kind to each other and not always telling the truth about things. So this is kind of a test run not only to see if they are ready for unsupervised outings but also to see if they can be trusted alone together. I'm curious to see how it turns out. I hope they will end up having a blast, enjoying their freedom, and learning to look out for each other.

Updated~ The results were great! They had a really good time together, no problems at all, and even made a couple of new friends that they want to meet at the park with again soon. After a couple of hours I went down to see if they wanted to hop in the car and go get some cheeseburgers. We never got very far when we learned that bbq'd cheeseburgers were being sold at the park during a baseball game. So we ended off the night eating at a park table in perfect weather while the kids played longer. It was a great night for us all. It has been a little tense around here as we all continue to struggle through some of the times of adjusting so it is extra sweet when everyone is feeling relaxed and has a smile on their little faces.

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Kathy said...

Hopefully it will foster some independence and help them bond a little at the same time.