Monday, October 20, 2008

Goin' way up, Goin' way down

It's "one of those days". I don't like those days too much. I've noticed since the kids have come home that we seem to be having a good day/bad day pattern. Some days everyone will be so great together and the feelings of happiness and fun just swells in the house. Then it will swing wildly (and quickly) the other direction. Right after that everyone is good for a time and then quickly it falls apart again. I'm certain this is all part of the adjustment phase. The GOOD news is that it seems to be that our times of peace are happening more often and lasts longer so we must be moving in a positive direction. The last few days had been just wonderful together with no big problems or issues. I am no longer surprised when we suddenly have melt downs again. It's no fun while it is happening but at least I can be sure (based on the pattern) that we are due a few more good days in the near future.

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Amanda said...

What a journey!