Monday, September 29, 2008

Another Spontaneous Trip

Oh the excitement around here! We just learned that my Grandparents are at my Great Aunt's house which is about 4 hours drive from our house. Wednesday afternoon we plan to hit the road and go see them. Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie will be meeting them for the first time. My Aunt Glendal's house is a kids heaven on earth. LOTS of animals and even horses to ride. If you think of us on Wednesday and Thursday please pray for me as I will be taking this trip with all the kids and no other adult.

When we leave on Thursday Jude will not be coming home with us. He has a very special invitation to go stay with his Nana and Papa (my parents) for a week! He will be catching a ride to their house with my Grandparents. We had planned (yes, you read that right, we PLANNED) a trip to see all my family anyways so they could all meet the kids, so we will be picking him up at that time. What a great chance for him to be showered with attention from his grandparents!!! I think they will have a fantastic time together.

UPDATED: Stephanie will be joining Jude and hanging out with the family too!


Amanda said...


Love reading them! Great about the visits and Happy Birthday Stephanie!!

Amanda said...

Oh I REALLY want to go to Haiti.