Monday, September 01, 2008

First Family Beach Trip


Guardian Angel~ Lovenie sits on our things and plays guard while we wait for Jim to find a parking space before moving everything. She was really scared of the sand so this was the only alternative to me holding her.
Lovenie giggles while she swings~ so sweet!
Jude getting crazy on his swing
Stephanie glides by with a smile
Kyle and Johnny soak up some sun
While waiting for Jim to find a parking space (not easy to do on a Holiday weekend at the beach!) the kids and I hung out at the playground on the beach. Above is a picture of the tall climbing structure that the kids liked to climb to the top of.
Stephanie and Kyle on top of the world

Once the car was parked and we found the group we were meeting up with we were finally able to take the kids to play in the water. They had a blast together!

Lovenie slowly got over her fear of the sand

The kids had a good time covering each other in sand
Johnny kept saying it felt just like being at a spa. Clearly, he's never been to the spas I go to. Wonder where he picked up that comment? ;)

Chillin' with a couple of my cute boys (Luke and Jude)

Making a crazy face for the camera


At night we attended an event hosted by Devo. We had four other families that are adopting from Haiti join us for the event (including our good friends Jim and Debbie). We also met another family there that is adopting 5 children from Haiti and have a really neat ministry in Haiti. I'll share more about that soon. Devo and a few other artists were making a DVD and we got to hang out, sing along, and be part of it all. It was a beautiful night to be at the beach and we had a wonderful time.


Amanda said...

Looks like a BLAST. :~)

Kristen said...

We had such a lovely time with you guys. Your kids are darling! We must hang again soon.