Friday, August 29, 2008

More To The Story

I received this comment from our friend Jim sharing more details of my last post that I was not aware had happened. I think now I remember Jim mentioning something about Debbie's seat being double booked but I don't know if I just never heard the full version of the story or was just too distracted or exhausted to remember it. So, I got a good laugh when I read this and thought it was too funny not to share~

But wait... there's more! Back in the terminal we may not have understood what the announcer had said, but judging by the reaction it was clear what had happened – they overbooked the flight. When Debbie and I finally got to the plane, there was someone sitting in her seat. It wasn't a mistake – they assigned the same seat to two passengers. So I gave Debbie my seat and took the empty seat next to her. Considering the commotion in the airport and the steady trickle of passengers still boarding the plane, in spite of all hopes I knew they wouldn't let the plane go without filling every seat. And the seat I was in wasn't mine. When the last passenger boarded she walked past our isle, but I saw her boarding pass and knew she'd be back. Seeing someone in her seat, she called for a flight attendant. I relayed the story, she took our boarding passes, and walked away. A few minutes later one of the ladies from the counter in the airport showed up. I gave her my story – that they gave Debbie's seat away twice. She walked away, talked with some people and left. Minutes later, the lady from the airport returned, this time with a security guard. Just as I thought this could get a little interesting, they looked up, noticed an empty seat in the next isle over, and asked the unseated passenger if she would mind taking the other seat. She took the seat – problem solved. I was thankful we were on our way, but wow, I wish someone had noticed the empty seat earlier so Angela, Jim, Stephanie, Jude and Lovenie could have dinner 20 minutes earlier. Preassigned seating flying out of Port Au Prince – a good thing if you can get it. The guy in Debbie's seat may have had that seat preassigned to him (I only briefly saw his boarding pass). But if came down him or Debbie, he probably would have won that one, and we'd be spending the night in the airport. Thankfully, the lord had it all covered. -Jim

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