Thursday, August 21, 2008

Important but missed dates...

This has been a month of important dates that usually I would celebrate with great fanfare but for some reason (busy or something) the days have passed me by without me even realizing it:

August 14th~ The very 1st anniversary of the day an adoption decree was issued for Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie. How could I have not noticed that date? Isn't it crazy that it took them almost a year from becoming our legal children to when they came home?

August 17th & 18th~ Our monthaversaries. Every month on the 17th we celebrate another month of being married and on the 18th we celebrate another month of being together (our 1st date was Sept. 18th and we were married one day short of 4 months later on Jan. 17th). We usually take these two days of the month to spend some date time together... even if that just means hanging out watching a movie or tv alone. This month, for the first time ever in our relationship, we didn't realize we had missed it until afterwards.

August 19th~ 17 months seizure free!!!! I usually celebrate every 19th as another seizure free month but it never even crossed my mind this month.

August 19th~ My sweethearts birthday. I DID NOT forget this date! There is hope for me!

August 21st (today)~ My only brothers birthday. Happy Birthday Johnny. You are a wonderful big brother and I love you very much, even if I didn't manage to get a card in the mail!

August 21st (today)~ Jim is at this very moment at USCIS filing the I-600 (immigration) form for our dear son Jacques. He turns 16 exactly 2 weeks from today so we are just barely getting it done before the deadline. Please pray with us that this paper work will not be denied for any reason. This is our one and only shot to get him home. Once he turns 16.... game over. :( Nope... no stress at all!

August 21st (still today)~ Jim was informed that there are 3 positions that he should apply for at the Texas location. I think he's going to give it a shot and see where it leads us. We still are kind of holding out hope to move to the Bay area instead (closer to family) but the Texas location offers same pay but way less in cost of living, being near our dear TX friends, and better career opportunities for Jim (including less working hours!).

If you know me at all you know I like to celebrate. It's been said about me that I would gladly celebrate the grand opening of a can of soup~~~ So true!!! While I'm all about big celebrations over little things, I'm also all about finding an excuse to go back and celebrate the things I missed out on celebrating. So thank you God for the anniversary of our adoptions, another month seizure free, another month with my dear husband, the birth/gift of said dear husband, the birth/gift of my only brother, getting the papers needed to file the I-600 "just in time", exciting moving and career opportunities for our futures... so much to be thankful for.

Now if you will excuse me I think I will gather up six kids and head to the "big" pool to begin our celebrations. Saturday we are thinking we might go to Tom's Farms to see a magic show with the kids, and Sunday we are headed back to see Mickey Mouse. That should make up for it all, right?


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Oh my....I would never remember all of that. Texas is cool. :~)