Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Handsome!

Today is the birthday of my FAVORITE person on this planet! Happy Birthday Jim. Because he is slightly insane, and I am totally insane, and our kids are.... Well, you get the idea.. We will be spending the day at DISNEYLAND.

Okay, before any of the experts start giving me your opinions about this... This was not a decision made easily. We thought we would wait MUCH longer before taking them but we had told them about it over time and they had seen a Disneyland video and were begging to go. I tried to explain our concern that they may not be ready or it might be a bit scary for them right now. They insisted "no way". So... off we go. I don't know what to expect. I am really hoping that we have a fun filled, bonding, and exciting day. It could also go way the other way. We have already decided that if it gets to be too much~ we leave. If the kids are not listening or are out of control~ we leave.

We do really hope it will be a one of the greatest days ever for every member of our family. I'll post pictures of Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie's first Disneyland experience soon!


Ali said...

Happy Birthday Jim!!!!

I so pray that your day at Dland is the best ever, even if the whole day is spent watching the paddleboat and people go by as you sit on Tom Sawyer's Island :). I know the Lord will give you wisdom for what the day holds. Can't wait for the details of what you get to do and how the kids react.


lori shepler - said...

hope you had a great time! - we'd already planned/paid for a vacation of camping, theme parks, etc. as we were waiting for her to come home - her adoption was very quick & she ended up coming hom at 3y old, the night before we were to head out for vacation early the next morning [literally home long enough to catch a few hours of sleep & that's it] - we went ahead & went & it was the best thing we could've done - she bonded soooooooooo well & only got scared on 1 ride & that was it!!! - praying for you


Amanda said...

That is SOOOO Exciting!!! Oh I do hope it goes well in EVERY way!!!

Oh and Happy Birthday, Jim! :~)

Beka said...

Happy Birthday, Jim! I hope you had a pleasant day at Disneyland. I love that place. It is such a good place to get away to and enjoy as a family. I can't wait to take my twins there. :-)

ange said...

I hope you got to ride all the rides you could, ate some disney food, watched the parade, and made many many memories!
Love ya
who are those experts anyway?

Ericka said...

I hope you had a wonderful time, my gosh, it's Disneyland for goodness' sake!!!!!
I bet your littles had fun showing their sibs all the cool stuff!!!!
Happy Birthday Jim!!!