Saturday, August 02, 2008

Home SWEET Home

Together at last!~
Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie take their first ride in our car as we head home from the airport. They also had the great pleasure of experiencing Friday evening rush hour traffic! I kept looking in the back seat thinking "Is this REALLY happening?" and couldn't wait to get them the rest of the way home!~
My wonderful parents not only watched Kyle, Johnny, and Luke for us while we were gone but also left at 4AM for the long drive to bring them home to us and made sure they were there to great their new family members~

After getting to know everyone Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie got a tour of their new home which included the back yard. There were a lot of smiles when they saw the playscape. The kids all played together perfectly~

After we had all had a little time to rest we loaded up and took everyone to see the clubhouse with the park and swimming pool. All six kids had a BLAST playing together in the dark at the park and we are headed back to the pool soon. They can't wait to take a swim~
I've been so proud of ALL of our children as they are being so kind and loving to each other. As we were leaving the clubhouse we noticed that Johnny and Jude were holding hands. Ahhhh, so sweet!~
Before our trip to Haiti we had been away from home for 3 weeks so this morning we had little to offer for breakfast so Stephanie, Kyle, and Lovenie went with me to the store. Stephanie loved her first trip to an American store.~
Shopping with our pretty girls~
So far Lovenie has only allowed me and Stephanie to hold her. This morning she decided to add my Mom to the "hold Lovenie" guest list so she got to hold her little granddaughter for the first time~
It does not matter what country you are from.... Nothing bonds boys quicker then a game system~
My parents needed to return home early this morning. We all headed outside with them for some pictures before they left us.~


Amanda said...

Love, love, love it all! Stephanie looks sooo grown up! Sweet of the boys holding hands, and I'm laughing at the oh-so-true game system comment!

This is all so exciting. Thank you again for the pictures. I've already been to walmart for hard copies! :~)

Ericka said...

Oh Angela.
I can't even form words right now.......
Too happy, think I"m going to puke......
Please keep posting pictures so we really know it's really real......

DotBlogger said...

I'm still in the first month of my girls being home and I can honestly FEEL your excitement. Oh how I've been enjoying my children and just KNOW that you are enjoying yours, too. Congratulations. Congratulations! CONGRATULATIONS!!

Now, to get the rest of your cute brood home, eh? :)

Did I say Congratulations, yet?

Anonymous said...

I loved the photos!!!

Are you sure Stephanie isn't 16?

God is GOOD!


Rose Anne said...

God Is Good!!!
Your picture's are beautiful they make me want to cry....
Your oldest daughter( Lock the doors) the boys are going to be coming around....she is a beauty!
I am so happy that you finally have them home!!!
God Bless,
Rose Anne

Chapter Two Manmi said...

Many, many congrats! Our wait was long like yours and I know just how it feels to bring three precious (and older) children home at last. I'm so happy for you.
May your other two kiddos come home soon!
God's rich blessings to you and your beautiful family!

The Haiti Lady said...

Amen from the hoghest mountain tops! I am so excited to see their faces in the US!!!
Love ya,

Laurie said...

Congratulations to all of you!! I am so happy to see all three of the kids home finally. It's been a long journey to them & I look forward to following your story as they settle in & you bring your other kids home.

All your kids are very beautiful - you must be very proud (& tired :))

Hugs, Laurie

Becky Hinchley said...

Congratulations Angela and family. It is so great to see pictures of everyone together. Enjoy these days...they are the best!


Katy said...

YAHOO!! It is SO wonderful, and brought tears to my eyes seeing you all finally together. Praying as you come together as a family.

Ali said...


Praise God, Praise God, Praise God!!

We rejoice with all of you. What a beautiful family God has graced you with. Can't wait to go to Disney with the whole crew!


Kristen said...

Tears of joy for you!! This is is amazing. God is good.