Monday, August 04, 2008

Meeting Their Children

Soooo... Where were we? Ah, yes~ We were at the airport going through the agonizing process of having to go through immigration and waiting for our luggage thinking that our children were at that very moment waiting for us just outside the doors of the airport. Oh the torture!!!

As always, Port-au-Prince airport was insane. Getting our luggage through customs (they decided to check our luggage) and out the front door was tough enough but then once we were out it was even more of a madhouse. We had porters coming at us like crazy, grabbing at our bags and yelling at us right in our face (this is normal there). We just wanted to find our driver and waiting children. In the past they came running to us the moment we walked out the door. We looked and looked and could not find them. Finally, after I had made an aggressive porter mad at me, he pointed us to someone in the crowd holding up a New Life Link sign. We got his attention and made our way away from the front door wondering who this driver was (I thought I knew the drivers but had not met this one) and wondering where on earth our children were because we were told they would be there waiting for us. As we met up with the driver he put a cell phone in Jim's hand. Jim, having no idea who he was supposed to talk to or why, took the phone and it was someone from the NLL office. He was told that the kids could not come to the airport but had to wait for us at the office. Jim asked to make sure that all 5 kids were there (Jacques, Stephanie, Jude, Lovenie, and Charlene) and he was told all of them were there but Jacques. We insisted we did not want to go to the guest house without Jacques with us so we must go by the orphanage to pick him up. So it was decided that the driver would take us there first and then to the office to be all together. So off we went to the O. We had to park a ways away and drag 8 suitcase of donations across a rocky and uneven "road" in the heat. When we got there we saw many of the kids and were greeted with lots of hugs and kisses but we could not find Jacques or our friend Bryn. We decided to unload the donations in their storage and then finally after many "Ki kote Jacques" and "Ki kote Bryn" one of the kids were able to tell us that they were also at the office. So they were all already at the office waiting for us to come to them but we were told told they were not there. Oh brother! So we drag our empty suitcases up the hill and are off for another effort at finding our kids. Finally we arrived at the office, tired and sweaty. We walked through the door and there were our darling children. SOOOOOO close and yet we were not allowed to go to them or take them in our arms still!!! Oh, the torture!

Here's the beautiful thing~ We were not allowed to go to them because at the New Life Link office (agence Nacia) at noon everyday they ring a bell and everyone must stop what they are doing and gather together for worship songs, bible reading, and prayer. We arrived during that time and were not to disturb them. Oh, the torture. So we could do nothing more then look at them and blow them a kiss. Then we sat down to again wait. Wait, wait, wait... something we SHOULD be used to by now. ;) We were sitting in the lobby when Jim nudged me and said "Is that our Lovenie?" Sure enough little Lovenie had fallen asleep across some chairs in the lobby and it took us a little while before we noticed. It was SO tempting to wake her up and love on her but instead we fought back tears as I introduced our baby girl to her Daddy (while she slept away) and we just gently rubbed her back and whispered words of love to her. It was not long after that that the devotions in the office were finished and the kids were all running into our arms. What a wonderful and memorable moment that was. Finally in our arms!!! They immediately went to their fathers (Jim and Jim who were meeting their kids for the first time) and hugs and kisses were passed out in abundance!

Lovenie as we found her sleeping in the lobby
Jude, Lovenie, Jim, and Jacques right after meeting~ What a GREAT moment!!!
Our friend Jim also meets his daughter, Charlene, for the first time and Debbie sees her for the first time in a year. It was so beautiful to see them together. Charlene was an instant "Daddy's girl" and their connection was just fantastic!!

Our group together at last!!

More to come about day one as soon as I can. I squeezed in this time thanks to all 6 kids watching High School Musical 2 together (totally universal). Since being home we have had so much fun and laughter and we've also had some very tough hours. We still cherish your prayers!


Amanda said...

Great pictures!

Still praying for your family :~)

Rose Anne said...

Praying for your strength! I would worry if things were too easy!! everybody is getting use to a new way of life..
blessing to your family..
God Bless,
Rose Anne

Ransomed~Redeemed said...

We are so happy for you. I know it's going t be tough but God's grace is sufficient. Love you guys, Alida w4