Friday, August 08, 2008

Moments Of Our First Week Together

Today marks one week that our kids have been home. Sorry I've been so slow to post about our trip but I thought I would take some time today to share about our first week at home together:

Hey, It's exhausting making huge messes and making Mom and Dad chase me all day long!
As snug as three bugs in a rug
Lovenie has been very confused by her cute little 2 piece swimsuits. She tries to pull the top down to the bottom or the bottom up to the top and can't figure out why we would put her in clothes that "don't fit"
Stephanie and Jude just went bonkers over the huge swimming pool at the clubhouse. They have managed to talk us into going there almost everyday so far. Jim gets pummeled by all the kids and plays so great with the kids. What a HUGE blessing he is to this family!
Stephanie lookin' too cool for the swimmin' pool
Jude does not hold back when telling us what he thinks of swimming
Lovenie just hangs out poolside being cute

The kids in class at church for the first time. I hadn't planned on taking them so soon but I think Stephanie would just be horrified if we did not attend church on a Sunday! ;) She sees to it that we all pray often and loves it when we have devotions. While in Haiti she told Bryn she was going to wake us all up at 7AM every morning for devotions. I'm all for the devotions, but 7AM?? Not in this house!
Every seat is taken in this van load of sweethearts. We are going to need to upgrade when Jacques gets home but until then it's working out just fine.
We were excited to introduce Stephanie and Jude to the waterslide. What a great time they had!! Jude still insists that the big pool is even more fun.
Stephanie was thrilled when she found bikes in our garage. She jumped right on and started riding. She later explained to me that she was able to ride a bike before she moved to the orphanage. I guess the "It's just like riding a bike" proves it's self true again.
Never mind the bikes... Jude has fallen in love with the Power Wheels Motorcycle and truck
Kyle was a sweety and took Lovenie for her first stroller ride. He later upgraded her to a bigger and nicer one so she would be shaded. He's been such a sweet brother.
Lovenie gets a start on her music career. She's blown us away by almost constantly dancing and singing. Who could have imagined our little girl would dance and sing??? Praise God for healing our little girl. She's doing AMAZING. She's adjusting well and spending lots of time with her "Mama".
Lovenie gets over her fear of the swing and now laughs while swinging
Stephanie and Kyle battle it out in and arm wrestle. Stephanie takes the Championship title.
And then loses it to her Dad. However, Jim was quick to admit that he can't believe how strong she is!
Here is another great parenting tip~ We've got them all trapped in a plastic playscape! (Poor things. I made them take this picture looking into the sun. Don't ya just love that?)
Stephanie keeping her cool
All the kids help their Dad repair the pool in the back yard so Mama doesn't have to take so many trips to the big pool when Dad goes back to work
One of my favorite things~ I get to rock little Lovenie to sleep for almost every nap and bedtime. She's my precious baby girl and I'm totally enjoying it!


Momto13 said...

Love all the pictures, all the joy, all the togetherness!!! Keep the updates coming :)

ange said...

It is nice to see you with your girls! You are such a girly woman that I can't imagine anyone treating their girls more like a princess than you!
Hope you are feeling better, I will keep on praying for you.

Alexandria said...

You have been in my prayers since Ange told me your kids were home. Its almost too amazing to believe!! Praise God!

I hope you are feeling better and that the kids- all of them - bond to each other quickly.

Much love!

Rose Anne said...

Praying that you are feeling better!
Enjoy the joy that you have with the kids are home....
Still Praying for your strength!
God Bless,
Rose Anne

Amanda said...

Great update! I was wondering if your tests came back yet. Hopefully, you're feeling better! I'm so excited to see Lovenie in action!

Praying for your family!

Anonymous said...

It's great to see all the photos, Angela! How are you feeling? Any better?