Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I'm just so very proud of Stephanie, Jude, and Lovenie. They did GREAT at Disneyland. Stephanie and Jude even hit a few roller coasters and water rides which was very exciting for Kyle since his little brothers would not do them with him. It was a really sweet bonding day for Jude and Kyle as they liked to sit together on each ride and could even be seen holding hands while making their way through crowds. We had six kids at Disneyland so, of course, we experienced a bit of attitude and trouble. However, over all, I would call yesterday a real success!

We plan to go again on Sunday because there is so much more we want to do and see together. I'm looking forward to sharing pictures but our computer is on strike today. Jim claims to have had a good birthday day. He is so much fun for the kids to be with and I kinda like having him around too. Today we are all tired from yesterdays adventures so we are going to hang out in PJ's and watch some movies together (I've given up on school until our family is a little more adjusted). I'll post the photo's as soon as the computer and I have finished negotiations.


Reed and Allison Garwood said...

Do you live close to Disneyland? If so, you live close to us! We live in downtown LA. We are adopting from GLA and we are going to file our I-600 and see our Chubby Lion on Tuesday! Would love to meet you at some point!

Amanda said...

That's SO awesome! I'm so glad you had a good day! Can't wait to see pictures! Do you have a season pass?

I so don't blame you on the school postponement. You haven't been home that long! And you've been sick! And you've waited SO long! You need a six weeks postpartum at least ;~)

Ericka said...

So glad y'all had fun!!!
What about the birthday boy??
Attitude, what's that ;)