Friday, August 22, 2008

12 Shots and 5 Referrals

This morning I begged and pleaded (actually... I just called and asked and remained on the phone until they made me happy) to have our kids finally seen by a doctor. They qualified for medical care the moment our plane landed in the US but Kaiser wouldn't let us schedule until they got around to putting us "in their system" and then they were insisting that they needed to get on a waiting list for a physical exam and that would be at least another 4-6 weeks. So, this morning after I "sweet" talked them into giving me a same day appointment I scrambled to get the kids fed, dressed, myself showered, and out the door in one hour! Woo Hoo!!!

I had prayed about the doctor I would want to see our kids and boy was my prayer ever answered! The doctor we saw was not only SO very kind but he just happened to be the doctor that wrote the guidelines on how to care for internationally adopted children and has cared for many of them. It also turns out that he is a Christian man. Could we have got it any better???

He spent a lot of time with all three children. Jude is being referred to a pediatric plastic surgeon for the repair of his feet. Stephanie has holes in her ear drums from having had so many ear infections so she will be seeing a specialist to see if she needs ear surgery. Lovenie will be seeing a neurologist, a speech therapist, a specialist regarding concerns about her sight, and does have a small hernia (as I suspected). He also did some tests with Jude and confirmed what I have believed all along... It is highly unlikely that Jude is 10 years old. He said that he is much more likely to be around 8 or 9 years old at the most.

They ended up getting 4 shots each. In the past I have sent Jim to take the kids for their shots because I can't stomach holding them down while they cry. Today that was not an option. When I told the kids they would need the shots Stephanie began to cry and back away from us. Jude bravely volunteered to go first and jumped right up on the table. Next I held and prayed with Stephanie while she received hers. Then I had to restrain Lovenie while she screamed, kicked, and fought back. Oh how I hate that! Poor girl was just covered in sweat from crying and fighting it so hard. Then I had to break the news to them that they also needed blood tests. Stephanie was horrified but worked it out and got it done. Jude again brave... and if those of you living in TX heard screaming today... that was just Lovenie letting us know she was not into it.

All six kids were just so totally fantastic though. I'm really proud of all of them. I took them out to lunch for being so good. On the way to the restaurant (which was attached to a mall) Johnny's shoe broke so we went inside the mall to get him new flip flops. Stephanie of course LOVED the mall. We spotted a kids play area so after our lunch we headed there for a couple of fun hours. So.... 12 shots, 3 blood tests, 3 urine tests (and some even grosser take home tests), 5 referrals to specialists, one lunch at a restaurant, 2 hours of mall play area, 6 kids, and one Mom all equals~ I'm exhausted! It sure was great fun though once all the needles were put away!!


The Haiti Lady said...

So there is no way that Jude is just small for his age? How do they determine the age thing? I have heard about the scan of the wrist, but after talking to others, it may not be a definitive test on age, but more of confusing. I often wonder if my D is older, she is soooo tall...but Dr. B said Bmom was a giant (5'10" to be exact, but when you are 5'4" anything is giant!)
Love ya,

Ericka said...

I'm SO SO SO proud of you for handling all this today. That is so much I can hardly stand it......
Very good job momma and good job kids :)

Amanda said...

Wow, that's a lot to take in.

You go girl! I bet it's a joy and no less than a privilege, though, to finally bring these children the care that they need. :~)

Rose Anne said...

You are one brave Momma! All 6 at the same time! My Saul is almost 7 1/2 and around 4 ft. and is only 45-48 lbs. He was in his O from 2 weeks until I brought him home so he got fed. Is their brown mom small?
Atleast with the referrals you might be able to get your babies the extra help they may need....
You are doing wonderful !! Hang in there it will get better....
God Bless you guys!!!
Rose Anne

Kandace said...

Hi Angela,
This is Kandace from Cub Scouts, and CCCH.
You probably don't realize the I read your blog. I have been following your Haiti situation for a long time. We are now homeschoolers also. I really enjoy reading about your family. am so glad it has finally worked out for you. still praying for te 15 year old. (sorry I forgot his name _Jaquis?)
Take care,

Kandace said...

srry I didn't mean to keep putting it in. I didn't realize why I couldn't leave a message!