Saturday, August 09, 2008

Day 1 in Haiti, Part 2

I have a few moments to finally finish up our adventure in Haiti- Day 1! We spent a couple hours at the office just hanging out with the kids and loving on them. The manager brought us into a private office and allowed us to ask any questions we might have (this included Jim and Debbie and their questions about their adoption). Bryn was a sweetheart and translated for us and it went very well. They brought in Sodas and Pate for us to have and we had an office picnic. At first one of the staff members said we just had to wait around the office until 4:00 when someone would be available to drive us. I smiled and nodded but thought "4 hours in the office?". Thankfully someone was found that could take us a couple hours sooner. So off to the guest house we went:

Welcome to Haiti: Now figure out how you will get 11 people, 8 suitcases, and 10 carry ons into this tiny little 5 person SUV for a trip to the orphanage (not all the kids had the things they needed for the stay at the guest house), and then do it again on the way to the guest house. All the while bouncing along unpaved roads at high speeds while the driver drives right at people with his hand on the horn. This is when you KNOW you are in Haiti!!! It's such and adventure though.

The big day is just too exhausting for our baby girl
Brothers Jacques and Jude check out a Leapster for the first time. They thought it was pretty cool!
Lovenie just loved the pretty headbands we brought her. She loved it so much that she would try and put them all on at once.
We checked out a storm from the balcony at the guest house.

Lovenie really enjoys washing herself up. This is a picture of our shower at the guest house. You help yourself to some water from a big bucket near the shower and scoop it into a medium size bucket and then use the little one (that Lovenie is holding) to pour over yourself. The water is so cold it is shocking to your system even though you've been crazy hot all day. We were very grateful to have it.
I made one balloon animal dog while Jacques watched and then he grabbed a balloon and figured it out first try. He then helped me make dogs and horses to share with the kids during the going away party.
We found out that not only can Lovenie totally feed herself at the table but the girl sure can eat! You've gotta watch your plate if she's sitting next to you or you might lose a few things.
The word I think best describes staying at the Guest house~ SPOILED! It's always so relaxing and fun there. They feed us delicious food in large amounts, have special drinks (including Haitian Champagne, non-alcoholic), and a yummy dessert. They ring a bell and we all come to the table for a meal together (which is SO fun). They then clean everything up and won't for a second allow us to help with a thing. They are so very kind to us. The guest house, rooms, and area is just so stunning and clean. What a great place to spend time!
The kids totally enjoy watching movies on the portable DVD player. I later learned that there is a regular TV and DVD player in a living area right outside our room... but it's way more fun for them to lay in bed and watch on the little screen.
I couldn't believe how great Lovenie did when I gave her a coloring book and pack of large crayons. She began coloring right away and I sat watching her as she colored in the lines and took crayons in and out of the package just right. This was the first moment that I realized just how far she's developed since the last time I was with her. Almost like a totally different child. Please bare with me as I marvel again and again at how much God has just miraculously healed our little girl!!!


Amanda said...

I just LOVE reading your day by day adventures. :~) Exciting to hear about the guesthouse. Love it all!

Ransomed~Redeemed said...

Just look at her with her gorgeous little hairbows. I just love little girls in hair bows!