Thursday, September 18, 2008

It All Started With A One Man Band

Eleven years ago today Jim and I had our first date. Of course I had no idea I was heading out with the guy that would end up being my partner for a lifetime. I can remember almost every detail of that date. He met me in the parking lot where I lived and we walked to a nearby place that had a one man band. Yes, a one man band! Never before and never again have I had the privilege of seeing such a thing. Can you imagine if someone could have come to us that night and told us what would become of this date? We would probably have laughed and laughed and laughed at them. This life we have is certainly not what we would have written for ourselves that night. Who could have ever imagined the great adventures that were ahead of us? Oh, I'm so glad God knew! I can't imagine spending the rest of my life and living out these great adventures with anyone else.

Thank you honey for embracing my insanity for Eleven years now. I'm so glad to have you! Thinking back on our first date I think it is very fitting that we did something so unusual. That is certainly a good way to describe our life together. Very unusual but with great harmony!

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