Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy 13th Beautiful Daughter!!!

We now know that Stephanie is used to celebrating her birthday on the 19th but because we did not learn about this fact until the evening of the 19th we decided we would celebrate it on the 29th since that is the date on all her paper work. So yesterday we went... you guessed it!... to Disneyland and she got to call the rides all day.

This is what 13 looks like (taken this morning). We have a teen daughter, yikes! I keep telling her she is too pretty and for her birthday we will buy her a giant sack to put over her head. The reply I get to that is always "You crazy Mom." Since I hear that 20 times a day (and it's usually true) I shrug it off and continue my search for the sack.

Stephanie got a lot of her birthday presents early. Last week she got her ears pierced as an early gift. As soon as she got home she started asking for this so she was so happy. Then a few days ago a package arrived for her. She was so thrilled and her eyes got huge when she saw the package had HER name on it!

The package was filled with High School Musical items. So perfect for her! I don't know if she was more excited about getting mail or the actual presents. When asked if she wanted to wait and open it on her birthday or open it now she yelled out "NOW!". Yep, she's my daughter.

When Nana and Papa were here they presented her with some cash to go shopping for some new clothes. She was so excited! We have not had a chance to sneak away alone for shopping yet so she has something to look forward to.

Stephanie's birthday celebration at Disneyland was WONDERFUL. She wore a pin that Disneyland gives out to birthday guests that had her name on it. Everywhere we went people would call out to her "Happy Birthday Stephanie". She even had announcements on rides for everyone to yell happy birthday to her and heard it several times from characters in the parade. I think she really felt special!

Stephanie and Jude were feeling extra brave and decided to try the Hollywood tower of terror. This is a BIG deal for Stephanie who hates to ride on elevators. The whole ride takes place on an elevator that suddenly drops, then flies up again, on and on and on. She loved it! Jude kept flying out of his seat and was digging his fingers into my arms but insists he was not scared. All day the were on the fastest and scariest rides they could find.

The celebration continues on today. We dubbed today a "no school" day in her honor. After dinner we will be having cake, ice cream, and opening even more presents.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie! Your smile and shining eyes are so filled with joy... love that!