Monday, September 22, 2008

First American Birthday Party

Saturday we were invited to a birthday party for two very adorable twin little girls. I was not sure if we would go because Jim was out of town so I would need to take the six pack (of kids, of course) by myself. The kids proved themselves capable of behaving well enough for me Friday and Saturday morning that I decided to go for it and take them. If it got to be too much I could always load them up and take them home. Plan B never had to happen. I was so proud of our children for their manners and sweetness at this party.

Our friends go ALL OUT whenever they have a party. They had a DJ with music cranking the whole time, a huge bouncy house with slide attached, a BBQ with outrageous amounts of food, a giant birthday cake, big tub of ice cream, a HUGE pile of gifts for the kids to open (because there were two birthday girls the pile seemed extra big), and stuffed goody bags. WHEW! The kids all had a really wonderful time. They spent nearly 4 non-stop hours in the bouncy house. I kept wondering what Stephanie and Jude must think of all of this. I sure hope their not expecting it for their birthdays. ;) They really had a wonderful time together and everyone went home (Mom included) happy.

The cute little dog that Stephanie is holding sparked another conversation about pets (Stephanie and I have had many). Kyle and Stephanie just beg for a dog but Luke and Lovenie are terrified of animals. I really want a snake and Stephanie tells me that if I get a snake she will leave to live with her Grandma. It boils down to.. No dog, No snake. :( Maybe one day!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad everybody had a great time!
Love ya!

Amanda said...

You CRACK me up.

Stephanie, I'd go live with Grandma too if someone brought a snake to live under the same roof.

But, I'm not really a dog person either. :~)

Mr Nice Guy said...

Hehe... Funny, you never really struck me as a snake person. I suppose I could have been more of a snake lover if it wasn't for the Rosy Boa that piddled in my hand in elementary school. Scared for life, I was...