Sunday, September 14, 2008

Funny Bunny

Stephanie and Lovenie

Friday night at Disneyland the temperatures dropped enough that everyone needed to break out our sweatshirts. I put this pink one on Lovenie for the first time and she just squealed with delight. As soon as she saw the bunny face and bunny ears she began giggling and dancing to make the ears flop around. What a funny little thing our baby girl is. She is endless entertainment. I'm quite certain we managed to become the honored parents of the prettiest and sweetest girls in all the world!


Mr Nice Guy said...

That is awsome... thanks for sharing!

CrashleyRose said...

Hi angela! long time!!!! I'm so happy to read about your family!!! and looking forward to meeting everyone when I am home at christmas!

Anonymous said...

Love, love, love the sweatshirt. I know you love your boys... I love mine too. But, girls clothes are so much fun.

Hair? That is not as much fun. I love David's bald fade. Especially now as I have accomplished today:

(1) Taking down Beverly's old style
(2) Shampoo, condition and detangle
(3) Re-braiding while listening too, "You are pa faster..."