Friday, September 19, 2008

I Was Born Twice

Today I had an interesting conversation with Stephanie. Her birthday is coming up on September 29th. We have plans of Jim taking the day off, Disneyland, birthday cake, presents... the works! Today she asked me how much longer until her birthday and I told her today is the 18th so she just has 11 more days until her birthday. Stephanie and Jude both got very excited and informed me that her birthday is not in 11 days it is September 19th...TOMORROW! All of her important paper work (birth certificate, passport, visa, legal resident cards.. the works) says the 29th so I never really thought twice about it. Jude also tells us that his birthday is not the same as what is on his birth certificate. It's so strange to not really know when it is or how old they really are. Jim is out of town right now at a funeral so I managed to talk them into going ahead with the celebration on the 29th as planned. They went along with it OK at first. Then Stephanie tried to tell me (with a huge grin) that she came from her Mother twice. Once on the 19th and once on the 29th so she thinks we should have a birthday for her on both days. Nice try girlfriend!!! I know we have some major cultural differences but I think being born once is pretty universal. Regardless of the actual date we are just so glad she was born!

UPDATED: I just realized TODAY is the 19th! Yep, I'm that tired. ;)


Mr Nice Guy said...

Jesus did say we must be born again... but born again in just 11 days? That's GOT to be a record! LOL.

Happy Birthday Stephanie!

Angela said...

LOL... I thought of that after posting it and wondered who would be the first to catch it!

Yes, 11 days I think is pushing it. ;)

Love you guys!

One Crowded House said...

Angela- she is a funny girl :) I am so glad that everyone is settling in at your house!

Amanda said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday Stephanie....

Whichever day it is :~)

And the "one man band thing" is quite unique for sure!!!