Monday, November 12, 2007

Where do we even begin?

It would be a huge understatement to say that trips to Haiti has been very eye opening to situations in the lives of others. It seems there is need everywhere you look. Right here with our neighbors in America, so much need in Haiti, Africa, Mexico... the list goes on and on. Once you actually see the conditions people are living in with your own eyes (and not just on TV or the internet, though those do help) you can no longer ignore the suffering of others.

Once your eyes are opened to so much need you wonder "Lord, where do I even begin? What can I do to bless the life of others?" There are so many great needs that one could easily just give up and realize there is nothing you can do because it's too overwhelming or you could go the other direction and try and do anything and everything possible to try and make a difference and still see so much more to do that you would find yourself physically, emotionally, and even financially strained. So were is the balance? I've heard it said that to say Yes to one thing means having to say No to other things. We can not do it all. This is why it is so important to seek God's guidance on where to help, when, and how. I could devote this blog entirely to situations or people that need help that I know of and never even begin to scratch the surface.

Sometimes there are things that I feel God's shown me to be used by Him to serve and share the need. So I hope you will all please not grow too tired of me as I continue to share these needs with you. I assure you that I do not post even a fraction of the things that come to my attention (though perhaps we could start a blog on needs and how to help?).

So... Right now there are two needs very much on my heart that I would like to share. I am seeking ways to raise funds and share information about these needs with others. If you feel led would you please share your fund raising ideas with me, contribute in ways that you can, or even just help pass on the word of the need?

Most pressing need:
As you know from a previous post we had a wedding shower for a friend on Saturday. She is just days away from marrying a pastor in Haiti that also works for this orphanage:

This is an orphanage that takes in terminally ill or very ill children in Haiti, not for adoption, but just to care for them and make their lives as happy and comfortable as they can and helping them as much as they can. This orphanage has recently lost it's only vehicle as the engine burst in to flames. You can read the whole story here:
This has caused the need to rely on others to find rides for the children to get them to and from doctors appointments, get them groceries, and so many other things. To get them another used vehicle in Haiti would be just $5000. I believe if enough people are involved we CAN help them in this way! The most concerning thing is not just that they have the convenience of a car but for these kids it can be very much life threatening for them not to have a way to get them to the hospital immediately if needed. I am praying that we can all celebrate together when we are able to find a way to provide this blessing for them!

Another fund raising situation that has been very much on my heart is for another dear friend, Bryn. She leaves in just a couple of weeks to live with the teenagers of Hope For the Children Of Haiti with our children. She will be teaching them English classes and doing devotions with them but most importantly she will BE THERE when the kids are hurting, sad, happy, or confused and need someone. She will be that someone. She will also be keeping us parents of these older kids in communication with the kids so that the bonding can begin before they even come home. She is taking a huge leap of faith as she has no doubt at all that God called her to do this even though she has no idea where the finances to support her while she is there will come from. She will be such a huge blessing to these precious kids and it will certainly be a life changing experience for her as well. To follow her journey or find out more information please see her blog at: or to fill out a form for donations:

I feel strongly that I am being called to creatively do what I can for these two needs. We may not be in a place of great financial help as we have 5 adoptions to pay off and then 8 kids to raise on a single income since I plan to home school all our kids (Lord willing). So... what are the ways I can help? I can give of myself and time. I've already posted an ad to babysit for donations and 100% of the proceeds will be given to these two fund raisers. A neighbor who sells the gorgeous Lia Sophia jewelry has generously offered that if I host a party all the profits will go towards these fund raisers as well and Vera, who sells Mary Kay is also considering a fund raiser of putting the proceeds from purchases towards the vehicle fund raising as well. When I have more information about these I will post them.

Meanwhile if anyone can think of other ideas of ways to raise funds for them please email me privately or post in the comments. If this is something you would also like to be involved in please let me know.

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Anonymous said...

why don't you ask people for donations of used stuff and have a garage sale. We have done this for our adoptions and have raised over 2000 at one 3 day sale..