Saturday, November 10, 2007

Wedding Shower and Party

Southern CA families that are or have adopted from Liberia and/or Haiti
Congratulations Vera and Johnny--- to be married very soon!

Below are photo's of one of the games. 3 teams competed for the Vera's (the bride to be) vote on her favorite wedding attire made entirely out of toilet paper:

Josh (Vera's son) was our bride and he was a very good sport!

Teddy (Vera's daughter) was the bride of Beka's family team. Is she cute or what? How can we compete with that?

The finalists. The bride liked them all and called a 3 way tie.

The guest of honor, Vera, holding her adorable baby Tamarah who just recently came home from Haiti and her sweet son Josh standing nearby.

Below- Destinations: Another game we played. The children would need to scramble to the destination of their choice from a Liberian Flag, American Flag, Haitian Flag, or Wedding Chapel. A card would then be drawn showing a picture of one of these destinations and everyone there would be "out" until the was only one person left. The kids had a great time with this game and begged later to play again but we ran out of time. I guess we will have to get together again to play it. ;)

Johnny and Emma looking bummed at the news that it was time to go. We will have to play again soon!

The kids all played together so wonderfully!!! No fights, everyone shared, and everyone was instant buddies. New friends are a beautiful thing. We are already anxious to see them all again.

Today was a really wonderful day of bringing together many friends for the first time. It was the first ever get together for the families of Southern CA adoptive families from Liberia and Haiti to meet each other. One of our friends among this group is getting married in just a couple weeks so we also through her a wedding shower. It was such a wonderful time and we can't wait to see everyone again!

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Lisa said...

This looked like a whole lot of fun! I read Vera's blog, and I was under the impression she lived in Canada. How'd I get that wrong?! That's great that you could get together with a whole bunch of families with a lot in common.