Sunday, November 04, 2007


Is it considered a reunion to get together with friends that you've never actually met in person before, or is that just considered a union (without the re), or is it neither at all? Regardless of the answer.... This next week is going to be full of them!

Today we spent a few hours at a birthday party at Pump It Up (Happy Birthday Zach!!!) and the kids had a blast. Tomorrow we are headed back to Disneyland and are going to attempt to hook up with Mandy (and family) and Bryn from Washington. I met Bryn on the mission trip to Haiti this summer and liked her very much. I was thrilled to learn that next month she will be moving in with the HFC kids in Haiti for the next year! So meeting up with her could be classified as a reunion. Her sister Mandy on the other hand has been someone I've chatted with quite a bit online for a long time now. She is adopting Job and Bernadin (who I totally adore!) from HFC. I've been wanting to meet her for a long time and will do my best to be sure and meet up with her and Bryn while they are on vacation in So. CA this week. I can't wait!!! So tomorrow the boys and I are headed to Disneyland for some fun and in hopes of catching up with them.

Wed. our Kyle is turning 9 (can you believe it??). For his birthday he has requested to bring his best friend and spend the day at Disneyland and the California Adventure park. Jim will take the day off and we will likely take turns taking Kyle and his friend to all the big kid rides they want while the other parent takes Johnny and Luke to the mellower rides. I think there is a good chance of a sleep over happening too! ;)

Saturday is a very exciting day. I'm going to get to meet many friends from online that I've never met in person but have great friendships with online. We are co-hosting in our home the first ever get together for families that are adopting or have adopted from Haiti or Africa and live in Southern CA. One of the adoptive Moms is getting married next month in Haiti so we also plan to combine the get together with a wedding shower in her honor. These are some of the kindest and most amazing families I've ever known and I CAN'T WAIT to meet them in person finally!!!

So... If all goes well we should have a really exciting week ahead of us.

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